Stephen Ackroyd, Chartered Professional Accountant - our approach will give you comfort and peace of mind

Our unique approach will give you comfort and peace of mind

There are lots of CPA firms that you can pick from, but we think we’ve got a pretty unique approach that will make us the company you choose!

Flat Fee Pricing

Does your existing accountant start their billing clock as soon as you call or email them? When you receive their bill, is the amount at the bottom a bit of a surprise to you?

You won’t get that when you work with us – we charge a flat fee for the services that we provide. It’s as simple as this: we’ll discuss your needs with you and then quote you a price and when we’re done the work we’ll charge you that price … or less. The only surprises that you’ll get when you open our bills are the good kind – we often identify opportunities to reduce our current and future bills to you, and that’s a good thing!

And let’s be clear about another thing: we want you to call or email us with your questions. We’d much rather take care of a minor concern or question than have you stress about it all year and turn it into something it’s not. That’s the level of service we give every client – no matter how small or large. And no, you won’t be billed – it’s how we earn your trust and build the foundation for a long-term partnership.

Personalized Service

As a professional accounting firm, we know that business is the basis for our relationship. But we also understand that the foundation of a successful business relationship is a strong personal relationship – you have to like the people that you choose to do business with. We want to get to know the person behind the businessperson, you’ll never be just a last-name-first name on a file folder in our filing cabinet.

Getting to know you and your personal situation also helps us provide a higher level of service and more relevant advice. The best accounting advice we can offer comes from understanding who you and your spouse are, if you have children, and what your life situation is. The more we know about you the more effective our accounting services and advice will be.

More Than Just Numbers

Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of numbers in tax and accounting. But the service that we offer is much more than just churning through numbers. The numbers tell a story: the story of how your business is performing today and how it will perform in the future. That might be a good story if things are going well, but that story can also contain warning signs that, if left unattended, could cause issues in your business.

We want to help tell you this story, because the more you know of the story and the better you understand it, the better positioned you’ll be to make the right decisions for the growth and success of your business.

Does this approach sound right for you? Call and let’s talk.

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