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You should spend your time building and running your business – let us take care of your accounting and bookkeeping

Owning or managing a small business means you wear many different hats. It also means that you’re doing things that you’re not an expert at. If you find that you don’t have time to manage the day-to-day accounting or bookkeeping of your corporation or if you don’t feel comfortable doing some of the things you’re doing, let us help.

Accounting Services

To run your business successfully, you shouldn’t think of your accountant as someone you see once a year at year-end to manage your tax returns and financial statement preparation. Your financials are the pulse of your business and you should carefully track your finances so you can get the earliest possible indication if something is not unfolding as expected.

But accounting shouldn’t be thought of as simply crunching numbers. The financials of your business are a goldmine of valuable information about how your business is performing and what you might expect in the future. As well as keeping your business in compliance, we offer a level of insight that you can leverage to gain a competitive advantage in your industry. We make the numbers and what they mean easy to understand so you get much more out of your accounting than pages of numbers.

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services include managing the day-to-day data entry of your business finances. Issuing invoices, processing payments, managing your payables and receivables are all part of the bookkeeping services that we provide.

We can also manage your employee payroll, source deductions, GST/HST and WSIB filing and remittances, and the long list of other jobs that need to be done to keep your business finances running smoothly and in full compliance with CRA.

Whether your needs are a few hours or days a week on an on-going basis, or if you simply need someone to compile the information at year-end, you’ll get peace of mind from the assurance that your business finances are in good hands.

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