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Leverage our insights to bring clarity and focus to your corporate finances

As a business grows, it makes sense to continue nurturing it’s success by bringing in the strategic and guidance services of a professional Controller. Whether your needs are part-time, short-term or on-going, we can bring our professional accounting knowledge and experience to work for your business.

Part-Time Controller Services

At a point in your business growth it makes sense to leverage the expertise and wisdom of a professional external resource.

We offer part-time controllership services for corporations that have an in-house finance team but are so busy running the day-to-day operations that they get overwhelmed when period or year-end’s come.

As businesses grow their finances become more complex to manage and difficult to understand. Often, an in-house financial management team can lose focus on how the business is performing and has difficulty charting a course for the continued success of the corporation. Important businesses decisions become clouded with uncertainty and guesswork.

As a part-time controller we bring the expertise and understanding of a Chartered Professional Account to the financial planning and guidance of your company, keeping you on track and pointed in the right direction!

Short-Term Controller Services

In addition to part-time controller services, we also offer short term services.

There can be several situations where this would benefit a corporation. If, because of unforeseen circumstances, you find yourself without a Controller, we can bridge the gap until you find a new one.

For corporations that find themselves dealing with a financial transaction – an audit, merger or acquisition – retaining the controller services of a trusted CPA can make the transaction a lot smoother and more efficient.

For businesses who need the guidance a Controller provides but without the cost of a full-time on-staff Controller, we can provide short-term services until you’re ready to carry that cost.

How could your corporation benefit from a professional Controller?

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