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Keep your business on track with accurate and timely financial statements

Finances are the life blood of your business. Your annual financial statements are the permanent record of how your business did in that year. Business owners and managers look at them, but so does the government, lenders and stakeholders. Keeping accurate financial statements and preparing them in a timely manner is of utmost importance to your business.

Financial Statement Preparation

Financial statements are prepared at the end of a corporation’s year-end. Preparing them includes a thorough check of the General Ledger, including both the balance sheet and income statement accounts. We’ll meet with you while your statements are being prepared to make sure they are accurate and complete, but also to understand what has been happening in your business during the year.

While financial statements should only be formally prepared on an annual basis, we’ll meet with you on an interim basis throughout the year for regular updates on how your business is performing so you remain aware of opportunities to further strengthen your business.

Understanding Your Financial Statements

Once your financial statements are fully prepared we’ll present them to you. The true value in what we offer comes in the insights and understanding that we provide about the story behind the numbers – the story of how your business has performed over the tax year and what you might expect in the next tax year. We’ll make your financial statements easy to understand and provide straightforward and actionable advice for how you can improve your business. We’ll outline areas of strength in your business that you can rely on but also areas of improvement where opportunity for your business lies. Often, subtle changes to your operations can substantially impact your bottom line and we’ll highlight those changes.

Our opinion is that the more knowledgeable a business owner is, the more empowered they are for future success!

Beyond “Notice to Reader”

All of our financial statements are prepared as “Notice to Reader”. In situations where a more costly Review Engagement Report or Audit Report is requested by a lender or other third party, we will make all efforts to work with them to reduce their requirements. This saves you both time and money, and often eases their demands going forward.

Understand your company’s financial statements?  We can help.

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