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Completing and filing your personal and business tax returns so you pay the right amount of tax

Every person and business – incorporated or unincorporated – must file a tax return at the end of the tax year. We can complete and file your personal and corporate tax returns to optimize the amount of tax that you pay.

Corporate Tax Returns

We provide a holistic approach to completing your corporate tax return. We’ll work with you to make sure that all of your revenues and expenses are up-to-date, value your inventory accurately, depreciate and amortize your fixed assets and prorate any prepaid expenses.

Once we have a true picture of your income for the year, we’ll work closely with you to determine the optimal way to tax this income, considering bonuses to you and your staff, dividends, or a variety of other options.

For business owner-operators, it is also very beneficial for us to complete you and your spouse’s personal tax returns as there are creative (but completely compliant!) ways for an owner to take money out of a business while reducing the amount of personal and corporate income tax paid.

In some cases our clients hire us to prepare the tax returns for their employees, as an added benefit.

Personal Tax Returns

You work hard for the money that you earn. We’ll work just as hard to make sure that you keep it and don’t pay any unnecessary taxes.

By looking at your entire financial picture – including your spouse, dependents, sources of income, deductible expenditures and many more factors – we’ll find the optimal tax return situation for you. The opportunity is in the details and we’ll make sure we understand your situation thoroughly and complete your tax return to your best advantage.

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