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“Steve Ackroyd is a fantastic accountant.  I recently switched to him from a series of old accountants and I’m blown away.  Never have I received as much services, prompt answers to my questions, and advice on what to do in the future to lower my tax bill.  None of my previous accountants had done any of that, so it was a thrill to receive it from Steve, and he got me a great refund to boot!  I will definitely bew using Steve again in the future and will be telling my friends about him.”

John Goldstein – Owner, John Goldstein Media

“Steve takes all of the worries and stress out of taxes. Steve is both knowledgeable and personable, allowing him to guide and structure everything to ensure maximum benefit in all situations. His unique ability to understand growth allows him to help corporations with their tax planning, making it a no brainer to both use and refer Steve for all things accounting!”

Ben Paraschuk – Owner, Pest Protection Plus

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What did you think about our work?

“Having been in the financial services sector for over 8 years I have worked with a number of accountants with varying success both personally, as well as my clients. Whether its education around a specific process, patience with a newer business owner or response time to all manner of questions; Steve has continually exceeded my expectations. I would have no hesitation recommending Steve to anyone who is looking for quality accounting advice and direction.”

Patrick Good – Director, Freedom 55 Financial

“Steve Ackroyd is the quintessential professional.  I am continuously impressed by his knowledge base and incredible customer service.  He is timely in response, and more so invariably patient with every question I may have, whilst simultaneously meticulous with each important detail.  I hold his talents in high regard and consider him a valued member of my professional team.”

Holly Cybulski – Owner, HC Consulting

“Steve is a truly professional accountant. His knowledge in the field of personal and corporate taxation is very impressive. As a professional that deals in those areas, to recommend Steve’s services actually enhances my business because I know that Steve ‎will go above and beyond what is required to ensure my client is maximizing every possibility with their situation. That knowledge is so valued that it’s hard to believe he can put a price on it. Dealing with Steve is profitable to every individual out there. He is a rare individual that I believe people find makes them money than costs them money. I look forward to working with Steve going forward and having my clients keep more in their pockets thanks to Steve’s intelligence, competence, professionalism and value.”

Jeff Gregory BA CFP PFP CHS – Certified Financial Planner/Branch Manager, DFSIN

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